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Camila Gonzalez Corea is a 23 year old Costa Rican artist with a background in cinematography and photography. She has shown her work in institutions such as the Tate Modern Museum in London and Mana Waynwood during Miami Art Basel, as well as being interviewed and published by renowned entities such as the BBC and Metro Newspaper. 

In the social media century, we produce and consume content as much as we dispose or forget it. We are in the business of making, not tangible products, but rather alternate personas. Personas which are brands and products within themselves and not unlike everyday objects, are manufactured, commodified, and most importantly consumed. 

 The most consumed — or in other words the most liked and commented — will win the game. The game of the consumable and disposable selves.

Rather than to criticise, through this piece the artist aims to open a discussion as well as to further reflect on a phenomenon which she is part of herself.

 By making the image one which consists solely of emojis, the artist aims to pinpoint these particular pieces in a specific time frame, much like Lichtenstein used the comic book aesthetic to represent the pop culture of his time, Gonzalez Corea is using emojis to represent pop in 2018.



Consume Your Venus, C-Type Print on 5mm black foam board, 50 x 26.5cm, 188 x 106cm


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