In his last corpus of artworks, titled "Goodbye Cartesio", he revisits and re-adapts earlier works to create a complex layering of images, objects and texts, whose references spanned a wide range of sources, from new materialism philosophy to western traditional tattoo style.

Dartizio’s practice also involves the construction of a theoretical model, called “Preuniverse”, whose main aim is defining a context of working for “the not yet” and a context of analysis for “the made already”, both deprived of encyclopaedic genrefication of artistic disciplines and modern idea of linear art history.

Born in 1989, Fabio Dartizio lives and works in London. Dartizio’s diverse practice, primarily geo-culturally located in Europe, combines sculpture, drawing, and documentation of actions.


Taking inspiration from subjects asvaried as poetry,religion, fashion, science and internet culture, Dartizio’s work questions the established system of knowledge, art, masculinity and dogmatic powers, adopting a tone of voice and a way of acting which alternates sarcasm, presumption and infantile attitude.