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Harley Price, often working under the nom de guerre ‘Paleface’, is a London-born and based multimedia artist. His current practice combines both 2 and 3-dimensional work, performance and installation.


Departing from the principle of destruction as a catalyst for creation, his work explores the overarching theme/ phenomena of fear - induced fear as a mechanism for oppression, injustice and social control.  

His work questions the duality of his role and position within the system [is the Artist an agent provocateur or a pawn, the culpable or the victim?] and the ubiquitous and subconscious desire for absolution from complicity and guilt. 

Iconoclastically appropriating pan-historical, pan-anthropological and socio-political elements in his work as metaphors for oppression and injustice, he attempts to force the displacement of the subject, giving the object its form; the icon is not broken but transformed, creating a sense of both occupancy and vacancy, shelter and exposure, fear and control.  

Art responds to and creates memory where there was none or it has vanished.  Through solemn dissent and a refusal to sentimentalize conflict and abuse, his work seeks to unsettle, challenge and provoke, disturbing the viewers expectations and memorialising those we habitually conceive to be "the Other", the hoary generic concept of a Homogeneous “Us” versus an Alien “Them”,designating everyone and no one.