Marco is an architect and visual artist based in London. His work engages in questions  of identity, inst ability of memory and fragility; he is deeply interested in the way technology influences our perception, investigating how it interprets the reality, bringing into conversation opposing forces and challenging the  boundaries between them: real and virtual, traditional and new, representational and abstract, human and non-human

Subjects of his work are human beings, seen through the eye of technology which, visually interprets their forms, capturing qualities often hidden or unseen by the human eye and generating fragmented results.

In his practice, Marco utilizes technology and new media to render human forms and tangible objects, expressing the surprising mystery of the digital uncanny; a great fascination comes with the interplay of digital and physical models, through processes that create a dialogue between materiality, two and three-dimensional data.


Distortions, errors and glitches and transparencies reveal the imperfection of the surfaces; however, they still allow the intimate essence of the character be expressed; the deformed and fragmented digital bodies depict the imperfection and asymmetries of the superficial layer, encourage the viewer to go beyond the surface and look deeper in the substance of each individual.