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Printmaking and the methods related to metal etching are the central medium of my practice. This choice comes from my appreciation of the multifaceted possibilities available with those.


The Others (2018), Hard-ground etching and aquatint, printed on Hahnemühle paper. 155 X 150 cm

In itself the medium means more than a succession of processes on the material. It is not only limited to the digging of grooves into the plate, of photographic transfers, of intaglio principles, of the cutting of matter. I question myself on memory, its sustainability, mythology and hermeneutics. I have also been interested in the idea of palingenesis. Themes which I approach are issued from a fantastic, symbolic and surrealistic lineage.

Finally they regroup the contemporary questions of a comeback of metaphysics and narratives in our societies, as a representation of an hybrid imaginary between post-modernity and decline. The discovery, development and learning of new techniques in etching have become a essential part of my masters project. To be able to

design hybrid images in their operational and substantial conception and in their substance. Image is never a simple reality but rather, according to Régis Debray, a succession of operations situated between visibility and a signifier and emotional power.

Each print has a portion of uniqueness, because of the sequence of processes, the bites variability and the singular treatment of each composition. It is a way to group these techniques during the inscription of a strong idea in the transition from formless to form.