I am an Ecuadorian artist interested in the systems through which cultural difference is presented, transformed and consumed. This involves making work inspired by exploring forms of locality and connectivity.

Similar in approach to a journalist or ethnographer, I gather information through conversations, direct observations, photography or other. I then look to transform these actions in interesting ways so that the everyday is reconfigured into something curious and atmospheric.

I work across a variety of media including painting, sculpture and sound tracks. Often I engage directly with places that I find of interest and look to work

with the people and materials that I find there, especially the materials that have been used or abandoned. The redefinition of material and its limitations are key aspects of the work produced, creating narratives that emerge from this process.

Sometimes I focus on just the visual aspect, using this as a tool through which information can be passed and shaped with an interest in the inherent transformative qualities of this aspect itself. For instance this include live visual or live sound.