Born in China in 1992, Li has been focused on painting and traditional art in her teenage years and previously focused on working with watercolor.

She has been in London since 2013 then she was exposed to contemporary art and totally changed her way to create her work. She began to focus on philosophy and social culture and expressed the thoughts about these issues through film, she studied Asian art and its market in Sotheby’s institute of Art in 2014, then studied social culture and art history in SOAS university in 2015, After these academic study, she focuses on video art and currently studies in Central Saint Martins majoring in Fine art.


My research focuses on the poetry of moving image, particularly on metaphors and spatiality. Many poetries depict an event or atmosphere as a metaphor, which implies the concept of spatiality. Moving images also possess the character of spatiality. When people read poetries, they could feel the spatiality of poetries, such as imagining a space in mind, so there could be association of space when people watch moving images as it possesses spatiality as well; and vice versa. In addition, regarding to the expression of space, these two forms are both flexible. For example, the monologic drama looks like poems, in which the space that the author describes has association with the scene that the viewers in. In other words, poem

is a moving expression in the transposition of many described spaces, which flexibly connects these spaces, including the environment readers stay when reading or listening. This is similar to the feelings about space which the moving image brings to audience. The mobility of images makes the spaces in images intersect each other, visions and voices brings different viewers’ release of personal feeling in an open connotation, making multidimensional directions of connotation and items and expanding the space of meaning in determination and in-determination, reality and illusions. My works try to explore the interaction of spatiality between poetries and moving images.